■ What is a direction guide sign frame?

It generally refers to a frame that indicates direction and is a common name for the frames used to show the directions on a platform or wall of a subway or KORAIL KTX.

The frame mainly consists of a double-side panel, and its structure varies slightly depending on the specifications of individual institutions.

The applicable models will vary depending on the specifications and method of manufacture and usage, such as double-side LGP type, central LGP type, upper and lower LED bars type, lens LED type, black-out sheet type, underground parking lot type, INSNAP type, hanger type, wall-mount type, etc. 

Currently, the six frames to be exclusively used for direction signs include 7023A, 7023B, 7023C, 7023D, IN7023E, and 7017A, and the available colors are silver, dark gray, and black (7017).

The direction guide sign frames are the main products of Hudeco.

- INSNAP vs OUTSNAP direction guide sign frame -

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