Model_Polesign 45


Polesign 45 has 45mm-wide aluminum profiles with four corners, and it is produced as a post. It is slimmer than Polesign 65, and is popular for the post-type of pole sign installed at the subway station entrance. Pole signs are mainly used for subways, company signs, parking lots, and landmarks and are highly visible signs even from a long distance. Since INSNAP covers are installed, you can change the design or perform services by opening the cover on each side after it is installed. Its size is customizable according to the application. Corrosion-resistant aluminum materials are used for this model, which does not rust compared to competitive products that are galvanized or welded, and its finish is aesthetically pleasing.


 Frame Spec300mm x 300mm x 4200mm Color6-Dark gray
 LED-TypeLED direct downward type
 Adapter / ApplySMPS can be embedded in it 
 Side-Type4 sides PC SpecLight diffusion 3T
 Back BoardX Construction 
Fastened to the floor using strut bolts
1 years Corner presence  
 or absence
Only waterproof type Made to orderO

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