■  What is a bezel-less (fabric) panel?

This refers to a panel that is completed by removing the bezel in line with the trend of the bezel getting thinner, and then by printing the sign on the elastic fabric, and inserting it. There is no cover, and the material for printout can be replaced by inserting and removing the pad to which the material for printout is fixed. This product is mainly manufactured for indoor use and is relatively inexpensive compared to other frames. Because the bezel is barely noticeable, this product is a very neat model in terms of design.

There are three types in total: the B-6007A model, which is manufactured as a lens LED direct downward type product; the B-2507A model, which is slim because of the application of an LGP method; and the IN5020A model, whose bezel is more neatly covered with a cover.

■ Advantages of bezel-less frames  

  Because the fabric itself has a stretch function, the tension can be maintained by its elasticity, and as there is no transparent protective PC, there will be no diffuse reflection of the image, so the effect of posting is excellent. 

In addition, the frame is barely exposed, providing high excellency in terms of dividing an extra-large frame into sections and boasting of various uses as a result.

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