Banner style frame


The product is made through a process of placing the lens LED on the plastic injection-type backplate in the direct downward method and fixing a light-diffusion PC sheet on top of it, and then processing only the frame of the company's exclusively non-lighting model 1626C, fixing it to the injection-type LED direct downward lightbox, and then combining it with a banner stand afterward. It is water-resistant, light, and easy to move. If a certain weight is needed, you can use a water bottletype banner stand. When it comes to the material for printout, however, you can use the existing banner that was made and used previously by inserting it. Since it is possible to insert the previously used banner after opening the cover first as is, the cost-effectiveness is good, and the price is lower than the existing light panels.

Available sizes are 585x1125 and 600x1800.

 Frame SpecThickness : 60mm,  Bezel width : 26mm Color1-Silver 2-Black
 LED-TypeLED direct downward type Adapter / ApplySMPS can be embedded in it 
 Side-TypeSingle surface PC SpecX
 Back BoardInjection plastic
Use of banner stand
1 years Corner presence
 or absence 
 WaterproofDaily use waterproof type  
 Made to orderX Only 2 sizes available
(630x1800 / 610x1250)
 Processing of 
Large size - 6M / Middle size - 3M

■ Frame specifications by standard size 

DivisionMiddle sizeLarge size
Outside diameter(mm)610x1,250630x1,800
Inner diameter(mm)584x1224604x1774
18w 36w 

■ Product part photos & construction photos