Menuboard style frame



This product is combined with a Hudeco front-open/closed-type LED light panel (light guide panel) with stand legs, and a model can be selected for the switched-mode power supply (SMPS) interior or exterior. It is widely applicable as price or information panel at a restaurant, an exhibition hall, or a clothing shop with A1 or A2 size (by printout).


 Frame SpecYou can choose the model you want Color1-Silver 2-Black
 LED-TypeLGP type Adapter / ApplyAdapter or SMPS can be embedded in it 
 Side-TypeSingle surface PC SpecDepends on the model type
 Back BoardMDF or Aluminum composite plate  
Stainless steel legs
1 years Corner presence
 or absence 
Depends on the model type
 WaterproofBasic type : Indoor use
Daily use waterproof type : Can be made to order

 Made to orderX Only 2 sizes available
(A1 / A2)

■ Frame specifications by standard size (based on Model_3529A)

Outside diameter(mm)626x872452x626
Inner diameter(mm)595x841421x595
24w 17w 

■ Product part photos & construction photos