Post style double sided sign


It is designed by connecting the company's own stand legs by taking cues from the company's direction sign frames 7023A and 7023C and is excellent in terms of durability, mobility, and manageability. It can be used in various places, such as large stores, automobiles, exhibition halls, road shops, and entrances inside buildings. It makes you feel a sense of weight compared to banner-type panels.

The product's overall size, including the leg, is divided into two. One is 6091896900 (panel size: 6001300), and the other is 6092350900 (panel size: 6001800).

 Frame SpecThickness : 70mm,  Bezel width : 23mm Color1-Silver, 6-Dark gray
 LED-TypeCentral LGP type Adapter / ApplyAdapter or SMPS can be embedded in it 
 Side-TypeDouble-sided PC Spec3T x2
 Back BoardX Construction 
When the product is used for a hanger, the hanger should be purchased separately. (Fixed-type hanger, Hinge-type hanger)
1 years Corner presence  
 or absence
 WaterproofDaily use waterproof type
 Made to orderOnly 2 sizes available
frame size - (600x1300 / 600x1800)

 Processing of 
The cable length and cable position can be selected when the order is placed.

■ Frame specifications by standard size 

DivisionA typeB type
Product size(mm)609x1896x900609x2350x900
Frame size(mm)600x1300600x1800
Print size(mm)576x1276576x1776
Image size(mm)
554x1254 554x1754

■ Product part photos & construction photos