■  What is an INSNAP frame? 


Among the aluminum frames, a snap frame is equipped with a specific function. The snap frame refers to a frame whose upper and lower frames are combined in a way that the upper frame opens and closes at 90 degrees with regard to the lower frame hinge axis at the front.

Hudeco’s snap frames are divided into OUTSNAP frames and INSNAP frames in terms of function. In the case of OUTSNAP frames, the snap axis on which the cover opens is on the side, so the cover can be opened and closed only when there is at least a small space available at the side. Meanwhile, in the case of INSNAP frames, the snap axis on which the cover opens is inside the frame, allowing the cover to be opened and closed without space available on the side.

Thanks to the cover that can be opened without any interference with the side space, the INSNAP frame has limitless usability and expandability and is equipped with technology that will still be excellent even when applied to furniture or chassis. The INSNAP frame is the world’s first technology that has secured trademarks, designs, domestic patents, and overseas patents and is an area that only Hudeco can manage.


■ Advantages of the INSNAP frame  

- Signs can be easily replaced by using the one-touch method

- When applied to interior products, this frame can be inserted without being protruded.

- Various BLUs can be applied.

- Regarding the front open/close method, the opening and closing occur inward, allowing the horizontal and vertical parts to be pushed against each other when the 45-degree cut contact surface between them is being closed, preventing a gap from forming between them and providing excellent durability and aesthetics.

- As the front open/close method is based on the characteristic that will not cause interference, it is excellent in terms of commerciality for various products.

- With originality and uniqueness in application to furniture doors, the INSNAP frame can be inserted and fixed between building windows and external columns of windows, providing limitless mutability.


- - Difference between INSNAP and OUTSNAP -

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