■  Frame business   

ㆍ In charge of aluminum frames development based on the patented technology of the front open/close type snap frame in early 2006 

ㆍ Secured original technologies that are diverse in expandability (6 registered patents, 5 designs, and 3 trademarks)

ㆍ Mainly applied businesses - Advertising panels for subway screen doors, direction guide signs, pole signs that display station names at the entrance, and advertising panels for large department stores and supermarkets 

(indoor advertising panels)

ㆍ The division developed the world’s first INSNAP frame technology in 2016 and registered patents in six countries around the world.

ㆍ This division has progressed businesses aiming to enter a new blue ocean market through diversification by grafting the furniture door and window technologies.

ㆍ Owned four cutting machines for 45-degree cutting of a frame + corner shaft right-angle cutting, two right-angle cutting machines, a plate cutting machine, and a light guide plate (LGP) V cutting machine

ㆍ Runs a frame cutting room and plate cutting room, and allocates experts accordingly

■  Mask business 

ㆍ This division judged that masks would become commonplace in the future because of the severity of fine dust at the end of 2019 and accordingly secured a production line through the transfer of technology and repurchase  of auctioned facilities.

ㆍ Major disruption in the supply of masks occurred because of the outbreak of COVID19 while securing the product bion line – Acquired the certification for KF94 masks, and then produced and supplied the masks (allocated  production experts)

ㆍ Completed the registration with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the certification by EU Conformitè Europëenne (CE) for pioneering overseas markets for export

ㆍ Judged that the survival of the new business depended on the uniform improvement of quality and reduction of cost through automation of production – Promoted 

 “Smartization of the mask factory”