■  Hudeco Objectives  

- Growing as a small but strong global company through the branding of special frames under a long-term plan for more than 10 years

- Becoming Korea’s best technologically innovative company in special frames for advertisement, promotion, furniture, and windows

- Branding the frames of Hudeco

- Achieving global brand power

■  Message From the CEO 

Hudeco is a technologically innovative small but strong global company that, through the devel
opment of innovative front open/close frames, supplies special panels for advertisements and promotions that incorporate various backlight units (BLUs). We are confident that Hudeco will grow as a top-notch company through active and proactive responses in an era of competing with hi-tech advertisings in the 21st century. Thus, we will do our best to make Hudeco become a company that sells values, not products, and makes dreams come true.

                                                                                                          CEO of Hudeco Co., Ltd. Seung-Tae Kim

■  Business ideology

  • Making a Difference
  • Key Man
  • Convergence & Terminal
  • Steward & Welfare

■  Corporate History 

200505Established Hudeco Co., Ltd.

11Registered a patent (No. 10-0594862) for a portable UV curing machine 
200607Acquired certification for ISO 9001:2000 quality management system 

08Selected as one of the small and medium companies for technology innovation and development for 2006 (Small and Medium Business Administration) 

09Selected as a company for new technology incubation for 2006 (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) 

10Selected as one of the small and medium venture companies 
200706Registered a patent (No. 10-0733325) for a front open/close frame

Registered a patent (No. 10-0113161) for an advertising frame

Registered two designs (No. 30-0452618, No. 30-0452616)

Selected as one of the small and medium companies for technology innovation and development (Small and Medium Business Administration)

10Signed an exclusive supply contract with CHOKWANG PAINT for a portable UV curing machine for automobiles

12Acquired certification for ISO 14001 quality management system
200801Established the company annex research institute 

Registered a patent (No. 10-0801465) for a UV neutralization method for concrete structure

Registered a patent (No. 10-0827393) for a frame

11Registered a patent (No. 10-20080-*****) for a signage frame

Selected as an INNO-BIZ company
200907Recognized as a clean workplace

11(Domestic) Selected as the design specification for the subway LED light panel

12Started exporting to Japan, USA, Europe, New Zealand, etc.
201002Launched the new EEFL 3 and four high brightness panels

06Received the Minister Award of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Hidden Champion)

07Changed the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate (Korea Standards Association)

08Registered a patent (No. 10-0975075) for a fixing member invisible type panel frame structure
201102Selected as the design specification for the PACESHOP store light panel (LG Household & Health Care)

05Selected as the design specification for the SAEM store light panel (HANKOOK COSMETICS)

06Registered a patent (No. 10-1041017) for a signage frame 
201201Supplied EEFL lights to the nationwide sales agency for the Best Shops of LG Electronics

09Exported EEFL light panels to Vietnam

11Participated in the Korea International Sign & Design Show (KOSIGN)
201301Progressing to win the order for about KRW 2 billion worth of LED light panels from Volkswagen and distributors in Germany

Progressing to win the order for about KRW 200 million per month from a company in the United States

03Selected as the design specification for the NATURE REPUBLIC store light panel 
201407Started supplying advertisements to be used on large poles in apartment complexes nationwide

Relocated to the newly purchased and expanded factory on the 1st floor in Jeonju Knowledge Industry Center (About 1653 m2 - Hudeco)

11Applied a patent (No. 10-2014-0155781) for a hatch-type advertising frame structure

Started to supply LED direction guide signs for subways and KORAIL
201503Completed the development of the world’s first INSNAP type front open/close frame structure

05Registered a trademark (No. 40-1160308) for INSNAP

Registered a design (No. 30-0829798) of an extrusion frame for frame panels of a new concept 

Supplied LED direction guide signs for 12 stations of KORAIL Donghae Line in Busan (7023A double-side LGP method)

12Supplied products to Seoul Metro for the order placed according to the agreement for the development of “constant current LED block-type direction guide sign”
201606Supplied directional guide signs for all sections of the Donghae Line of Korail in Busan, registered the trademark INSNAP
201702Progressing the delivery of the ordered front open/close LED advertising panels for the cover of KEPCO’s pad-mounted transformers nationwide 

05Registered a patent (No. 10-1735661) for the INSNAP frame structure
201801Registered a design (no. 30-0941485): Partial bezel-less design (pressed frame for a photo frame panel)

06Created a double-sided directional guide sign with a light guide panel (developed and supplied a single-sided oval lens–type frame)

07Applied for a patent (no. 10-2273667): Advertisement frame structure

08Registered a trademark (no. 40-1387353): Bezel-less design

Developed and supplied a pole sign to indicate substation names at their entrances

- Replacement type for the old model (cylindrical rectangular pole sign): Polesign 65 type

- New model for new lines (rectangular pole sign) - Polesign 45 type

08Developed and supplied low-end directional guide signs (one-side open/close) of model 7017 for parking lots

10Started the KF94 disposable mask business

11Expanded factory operations (for the Mask Business Department)
202008Launched K-Shields, obtained a license from KFDA, and completed KF94 certification

11Supplied KF94 masks to all branches of Korea Electric Safety Corporation


Registered K-Shield KF94 masks at the US FDA, established the Overseas Sales and Online Marketing Team

202105Renewed the official Korean website of Hudeco

06Supplied LED modules to renew subway stations in Busan,
Built an online shopping mall (Hudeco Frame) for the overseas market with Shopify

07Renewed the official global website of Hudeco